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Allegro introduces Allegro Care, a new safe and easy way to insure electronic devices

Allegro offers customers new additional insurance cover for electronic devices, Allegro Care. The new form of protection complements Allegro’s existing programs, Allegro Protect and warranty.

Allegro is synonymous with easy, convenient and safe shopping for best-priced products. Now Allegro Care customers can enjoy a full, excellent customer experience not only when they purchase but also when they use the purchased devices afterwards. In only two clicks, anyone can effectively protect their device from any unexpected spending in case of accidental damage or theft.

Allegro Care is just what you need when you seek special protection for your purchases. It’s the simplest way out there to add insurance while buying electronics. It only takes a few minutes, especially since we made sure that the claim handling process is fast, easy and very convenient

Wojciech Bogdan, Chief Data Officer at Allegro

How does it work? Allegro Care is additional insurance on new and used items in the key electronics categories on Allegro. Depending on individual needs and the item itself, customers can choose the extent and period of protection that suits them. In case of breakdown, damage or theft, customers get quick cashless door-to-door repairs or cash pay-outs equivalent to the price of the device, if the repair is impossible.
The new service and its terms are not only useful but also transparent and clear to anyone, as the insurance conditions are certified by the Pracownia Prostej Polszczyzny (Plain Language Studio). The Allegro Care insurance cover is provided by the insurer Sopockie Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń ERGO Hestia S.A..
With just two clicks while buying electronics on Allegro, you don’t have to worry about unexpected spending in case of accidental damage, breakdown or theft. In addition, the insurance (for which you can also pay with Allegro Pay) is always at attractive price, and the extent of cover is wide, with very few rational exclusions.
All information about insurance policies bought on Allegro are available in the My Insurance tab, where customers can find the details on their cover, download their policy and Terms of Insurance and easily cancel their insurance within 30 days from purchase. This is also where they can see the current status of their claim. The tab is available in the apps and will soon be also available for browsers.
Allegro Care complements the platform’s existing and free-of-charge shopping protection. First is the free Allegro Protect, which offers protection from defects caused by the seller or during delivery. Second (also free of charge) is the warranty, which is a promise from the seller or manufacturer. Now the platform is adding Allegro Care so that customers can enjoy the full scope of protection for their purchases.

Allegro Care combines ERGO Hestia’s over 30 years of experience in building technology-powered insurance cover and the capabilities that Allegro gives its customers. We ensure access to clear insurance options and seamless claim adjustment. With just a few clicks, Allegro customers can adjust the extent of insurance to meet their needs and then equally easily use the protection they bought with their insurance. Together with Allegro, we have created a unique solution and shopping experience for customers

Paweł Moczydłowski, Director of Digital Insurance and Partnership Program Insurance at ERGO Hestia

Allegro Care will be constantly developed and provided with more features.