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Poles have embraced resale. Already 3 out of 4 of us participate in the circulation of second-hand items

The Polish resale market is steadily on the rise. In 2023, an impressive 75% of Poles bought or sold used items, as revealed by the latest survey by Allegro Lokalnie*. Interestingly, Poles’ presence in the second-hand market is equally balanced between the online and the offline. Three in four respondents express their intent to continue selling and buying second-hand items as actively as before.

Poles are becoming increasingly interested in the resale market, with already three in four adult Poles reporting they sold and bought second-hand items in 2023, an increase of nearly 10 percentage points from 2021.
In a survey conducted by Allegro Lokalnie in late 2023, 19% admitted they only buy second-hand items, 12% only sell them, and 44% are both buyers and sellers. The most active group in the second-hand market falls within the 18 to 44 age demographic, with more than half juggling both buying and selling roles. Allegro Lokalnie remains at the forefront of the C2C marketplace segment. In particular, the Allegro Lokalnie mobile app is the tool of choice for many users, a fact reflected in the surge in active listings made through it by a whopping 98% (from 2022) and the marked uptick in fresh user sign-ups (+33% YoY) and site visits (+50% YoY). 

There’s more to the resale market than just fashion!

While fashion remains the dominating category, accounting for 59% of the purchases in the pre-loved market, Poles also jump at the opportunity to buy second-hand electronics, with 39% picking up devices such as smartphones, laptops, and headphones, as well as small household appliances; 30% scour the Culture and Entertainment category for books, video games, and CDs, and 30% shop in the Home and Garden section.

Motivations for buying and selling second-hand items

Economic considerations come up as the main reason for looking at the second-hand market. 64% of Poles agree that inflation and the uptick in new product prices nudge them towards used items. The resale market not only enables buyers to save money but also emerges as a response to the market price hikes. For many, it’s also about finding a deal that gets them more bang for their buck.
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Another reason Poles turn to the second-hand market is the environment, with the desire to reduce their footprint and breathe new life into pre-owned items. Others still profess their attraction to unique, vintage finds. Also, some respondents admitted they like to buy products with a short useful life such as baby clothes. There are also those who see second-hand listings as an opportunity for a profitable flip. 
When it comes to reselling, the prime driver is simply the owner’s wish to get rid of the item. However, the second-most popular reason, especially among the youth, was the desire to get extra money while middle-aged sellers pointed to environmental stewardship.

While many enjoy the opportunity to resell unnecessary items, we understand the persistent hurdles that might hold users back from listing their items, be it the effort of creating an ad, setting the right price, or simply figuring out what could be sold at a profit. Late last year, Allegro Lokalnie accommodated their needs by introducing the “List of Items for Sale” feature, which facilitates selling products previously bought on Allegro by redirecting the user to an Allegro Lokalnie form, where most information is filled in automatically. This is a testament to our commitment to refining the user shopping experience, as we focus on making the selling journey as seamless and intuitive as possible.

Eliza Goździewicz, Business Unit Manager at Allegro Lokalnie

Automated parcel lockers: the delivery method of choice

Poles invariably value the convenience of picking up their order at parcel lockers, with a staggering 82% naming them their go-to choice. Home courier delivery came in second at 51%, while pick-up points such as the local corner shop or a gas station rounded off the top three at 29%. Interestingly, the once customary in-store pick-up now appeals to only 19% of shoppers.
When it comes to delivery methods, main decision drivers include costs (91%), delivery method preference (87%), free shipping (85%), and delivery times (79%).

Our survey shows that more than half of second-hand purchases are made online, regardless of the product category. Moreover, the Polish digital resale market has grown by nearly a third in just three years, culminating in an almost PLN 7.8 billion at the end of 2023. Looking ahead to 2024, we expect the second-hand market to become only more alluring, which is why we’re committed to expanding Allegro Lokalnie to make buying and selling even faster and more convenient.

Eliza Goździewicz, Business Unit Manager at Allegro Lokalnie

*A survey conducted for Allegro by PMR Market Experts Allegro on a representative sample of 2,600 individuals, CAWI technique, November 2023.