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Allegro’s fintech hits another milestone as client No. 1 million onboards
Just nine months after it opened to everyone, Allegro Pay celebrates over 1 million clients benefitting from the state-of-the-art user experience offered by Allegro’s most innovative fintech. Its made-to-measure offer proves just what consumers need, as it makes buying easier and widens user choice thanks to the flexibility of postponed payment.

“Allegro Pay’s operational excellence is what Allegro is all about. It works hand in hand with the platform’s other offers like the benchmark benefit programme Allegro Smart!, as they boost one another’s appeal and convenience. As we continue to grow selection, the handiness of Allegro Pay drives the adoption of consumer finance in all shopping categories, while helping clients keep expenses in check. A perfect solution, which Allegro will surely be developing as the group is widening its reach.”

Wojciech Bogdan, Chief Data Officer at Allegro

Allegro’s buy-now-pay-later wonder, which offers an easy way to either postpone payments for purchases on the platform or split them into convenient instalments, is well on track to meet its full-year goal after extending PLN 965m in loans in the first quarter alone. The 400% YoY growth comes along with client satisfaction, as the programme’s net promoter score (NPS) - a user appreciation measure - maintained a very high level of 94 in the first three months of the year.
At the same time, Allegro Pay’s ongoing agreement with Aion Bank to sell parts of its portfolio of outstanding loans keeps Allegro’s overall loan book balance in check. The number of active monthly users of Allegro’s consumer finance offer doubled last year, as it gets more and more enhanced. The latest among Allegro Pay’s features is the biometric payment confirmation, which - already available for iOS users - was also enabled on Android last month.

“Our offer is as technologically advanced as it is simple to use, boiling down to an even 15-second onboarding and 1-click payment, as well as tailored financing plans for all. Allegro Pay’s growth is testament to not only how convenient, but also how spot-on the offer is from the point of view of the consumer. It is an amazing example of teamwork across Allegro Pay and Allegro as such, as well as how advanced algorithms enhance shopping experience. Client No. 1 million received a special something as a ‘thank you’ from us and we continue on. We beat expectations by extending over PLN 2 billion in loans last year, planning to at least double that in 2022.”

Rafał Czernik, Director of Consumer Financial Services at Allegro

Allegro Pay is part of Allegro’s offer in Poland, where it is the most popular online shopping platform. Following its recent merger with the Czech-based Mall Group and WE|DO, the joint group now operates across six Central and Eastern-European countries, while its newly launched Allegro.com domain is the gateway to the platform’s offer for clients and merchants across Europe.