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Allegro is expanding its network of green parcel machines at a record pace – the 2001st One Box has just sprouted in Warsaw
  • Allegro's network of green One Box lockers is already the third largest in Poland in terms of the number of machines and No. 2 when it comes to the number of available parcel boxes.
  • Consumers love the One Box service! It has already secured a top-3 spot among the most popular branded delivery methods offered by merchants.
  • In developing the One Box network, Allegro not only focuses on fast and convenient delivery but also offers additional features such as air quality data, electronics donation, and planting trees on behalf of the customers for every 10th parcel collected.
Allegro One Box number “2000 & one” was set up in Warsaw at ul. Sejmu Czteroletniego. By the end of the year, the most popular e-commerce platform in Poland plans to set up at least 3,000 green parcel lockers for residents all across Poland.

“In just 9 months from the launch of our One Box network, we can already say that our services have reached full maturity. Not only are we rapidly planting new green lockers, as illustrated by the 2001st One Box we’ve just set up but most importantly, we are introducing innovative solutions, such as making it easier for customers to receive parcels at the same time. To us, the high quality of service and short delivery times are priorities that differentiate One Kurier by Allegro in the market. This isn’t to say that we’ve become complacent — quite the contrary! We continue to set new ambitious goals.”

Jacek Powałka, Head of One Delivery Product

Allegro is expanding not only the number of green parcel lockers where customers can order their shopping but also the number of merchants offering Allegro One logistics services. Among consumers, One Box delivery has now become one of the top 3 most popular branded delivery methods offered by Allegro merchants. At the same time, One Box is already the second largest network in Poland in terms of the number of boxes available and remains on the podium if you count the machines set up. With the logistics services developed by Allegro becoming so widely available in record time, the merchants are even better positioned to meet their customers’ expectations.
Allegro has made a bold entrance into the logistics services market, offering its users a whole range of solutions. The One Kurier by Allegro brand currently includes a network of stationary pick-up points (One Punkt) and green parcel lockers (One Box), as well as an end-to-end range of warehousing and shipment management services (One Fulfillment) and fast delivery (One Kurier) that combines all these services.
One Kurier by Allegro offers merchants tailored delivery solutions while seeking to compensate for its environmental impact. The company plants a tree with a personal dedication on behalf of the customer for every 10th order, collects used electronics free of charge, and all green parcel lockers are fitted with air quality sensors (the data are publicly available at one.allegro.pl) and are 95% covered with plants. The brand is also developing pilot programmes in cargo bikes and electric delivery vehicles and an innovative cardboard packaging returns service.
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