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Allegro’s new campaign Letters to Santa encourages users to pay attention to others this Christmas

Allegro’s Christmas campaigns have long addressed important issues while sending a powerful and moving message. This year, Poles have proved just how big their hearts are. The latest video by Allegro was created to thank those who did not remain indifferent to the needs of others. It also aims to encourage viewers to share kindness with people around them this holiday season.

The campaign tells a story which makes you realise that the time many people associate with love and joy can be difficult and challenging for others. So it’s worth looking around and noticing people to whom our small gesture may prove a generous gift. We hope we were able to demonstrate how powerful kindness can be and how much joy you can get out of giving to others.

Karolina Sytnyk, Senior Brand Management Specialist at Allegro

The key message, “look around and see what matters most,” is reflected in the Christmas ad directed by Kuba Michalczuk and featuring an original song composed by Vova Antoniv. The full 1.5-minute version of the video is available on Allegro’s YouTube channel. There is also a 30-second version that will run on TV and VOD platforms as well as in cinemas from 28 November and will be promoted on social media.
The new Christmas campaign was created in collaboration with several partners. The creative concept came from Ogilvy, and the videos were produced by MOON Films and post-produced by Televisor. The sound was edited by Juice, media buying was handled by the media agency Starcom, and the social media campaign was executed by Hand Made.
The image campaign is supported by a product campaign in the form of 15-second ads that have been appearing in the media since November. In the first weeks, the ads presented the most popular products in the period leading up to Christmas, i.e. during Christmas preparations. Starting in December, they will provide gift inspirations. The product campaign appears on TV, VOD platforms, the radio as well as digital and social media channels. Customers can also look for inspiration in the Advent calendar, where Smart! users can also count on special offers; from 1 December, every day at 10:00 am, the page will display new offers on products we like to give our loved ones the most.
But Allegro is not just a place where millions of Poles buy dream presents for their loved ones every year. It also offers users an opportunity to engage in various forms of charity through Allegro Charytatywni. Also, the company has long supported Christmas campaigns, including Noble Gift (Szlachetna Paczka) and the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP). Until 14 December, buyers can still join Noble Cart (Szlachetny Koszyk) by adding a charitable donation to their shopping cart on Allegro with a single click to support Stowarzyszenie Wiosna. Until 14 February, users can also support the 31st WOŚP Grand Finale in the same way.