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Allegro opens up even more to EU customers. The new logistics partner, Packeta, to deliver orders to Czech parcel lockers.
  • Allegro is expanding its international range of fast and affordable delivery solutions by strengthening its presence in EU countries, with the main focus on promotion in the Czech market.
  • Packeta, the most popular Czech logistics platform, is joining Allegro with its delivery network of 9,100 pick-up points and Z-Box parcel lockers in the Czech Republic.
  •  Allegro has recently joined forces with another logistics giant, DHL Parcel, offering delivery nationwide and internationally to 24 countries of the European Union. 
  • The platform’s continued international expansion is also good news for merchants, who stand to gain additional tools for faster business growth in new markets.
Packeta is another operator to have recently joined Allegro, adding value to international delivery services offered on the platform. Known locally as Zásilkovna, the most popular Czech logistics company ensures affordable and convenient delivery to 9,100 pick-up points and Z-Box parcel lockers, becoming one of the drivers of Allegro’s growth in the strategic Czech market. 
Less than a month before, Allegro joined forces with DHL Parcel, which offers courier delivery across Poland and 24 countries of the European Union. This provides customers virtually across the whole continent with wide access to convenient and fast shopping at attractive prices offered on, a platform available in English, Czech and Ukrainian. 

“While stepping up our international expansion, we work with partners offering the highest quality of service. Our eyes are on both regional markets and other EU markets. We want to be the most convenient platform possible that brings together buyers and sellers not just in Poland but also on an international scale. Combined with ever-better delivery and services, promoting Allegro outside Poland will certainly please merchants, enabling them to reach new groups of customers. And the latter will enjoy a wider and more accessible range,” said Jakub Kłoczewiak Director of Operations w Allegro 

“Ever since we launched our operations in Poland, our aim has been to support local online stores in seamless and effective international expansion. We believe that opening up to other markets is the future of the Polish e-commerce industry. This is why we are all the more pleased with our partnership with Allegro, which will make the Czech market even more accessible to so many Polish online stores. By owning the largest network of pick-up points in the Czech Republic and offering an intuitive digital e-commerce platform, we ensure a seamless and satisfactory logistics process for those who either buy or sell in the Czech Republic,” said Justyna Andreas, Managing Director at Packeta Poland.
The growing range of logistics services supports Allegro’s international expansion. The 2022 acquisition of Czech-based Grupa MALL and WE|DO marked a milestone in that process, allowing the company to enter five new CEE markets connecting the Baltic and Mediterranean Sea. At the same time, customers can use, which enables merchants to reach customers across the entire EU.

Zásilkovna is a purely Czech franchise logistics-technology project of the founder Simona Kijonková, which was established in 2010. Since then, it has developed into one of the most successful companies in the Czech Republic that provide comprehensive logistics-technology services for online stores. Today, Zásilkovna is part of the 14 companies of the Packeta holding, which operates in 8 countries and delivers to 34 countries. Packeta Holding is managed by Simona Kijonková. Zásilkovna also operates a successful service called "Mezi námi" for the delivery of parcels between individuals. In 2020, Packeta launched Z-Boxes, eco-friendly automatic delivery boxes. Their number has surpassed 6,000 installations, and in addition to the Czech Republic, they are also operating in Slovakia and Hungary. Packeta currently has more than 15,000 own pick-up points (more than 9,100 in the Czech Republic), more than 140,000 partner pick-up points and cooperates with more than 46,000 e-shops.