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Sports shoes, ankle boots or trainers? Second-hand trends on Allegro Lokalnie
  • Data show that men’s and women’s sports shoes, women’s coats, bags, briefcases and bracelets are especially popular on Allegro Lokalnie in March.
  • Sports footwear is the fastest-selling category in second-hand shoes while the most expensive shoe brands are dominated by Nike and Christian Louboutin.
  • Allegro Lokalnie teamed up with woshwosh to prepare a special offer: make at least one purchase in the Footwear category or add two ads to receive a 25% discount on shoe cleaning.
March is the perfect moment not just for spring cleaning but also for a wardrobe reshuffle. In both cases, the second-hand market is a solution that is easy on your wallet. This is the time you start to prepare for the sun and higher temperatures and stow winter boots deep in your closet… Data show that more than half of all shoes sold on Allegro Lokalnie are new shoes, with an average selling price of over PLN 150. The most expensive shoes sold in 2022 are:
  • Nike SB Dunk Low Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Dunky – sold for PLN 6,000
  • Jordan 1 Low Reverse Mocha – sold for PLN 5,000
  • Nike Dunk Sb x Travis Scott – sold for PLN 4,900
  • Christian Louboutin high-heels – sold for PLN 2,900
Bargain hunters can find many interesting offers. As much as 90% of shoe sales on Allegro Lokalnie are Buy Now offers and 10% are auctions. The fastest-selling footwear categories by far are sports and performance footwear, e.g. Nordic walking shoes. In 2022, a pair of Kubota flip-flops sold in a mere 30 seconds, followed by a pair of Bugatti dress shoes sold in 2 minutes. 
Women’s shoes on Allegro Lokalnie are dominated by sports footwear (a third of all transactions), with ankle boots and court shoes also being popular. Looking at trends in this category throughout the year, May is when customers buy the most court shoes and June, with summer around the corner, is the month of sandals. August and September are months when women buy the most sports shoes while autumn months, i.e. October and November are the peak season for ankle boots. In the men’s shoes category on Allegro Lokalnie, most transactions (as many as half) regard sports footwear while dress shoes and trekking boots are also popular. In terms of seasonal trends, the period between March and May is when men buy the most sports shoes. Dress shoes reign supreme in spring, trainers from May to June and trekking boots in December.
With spring just around the corner, you might want to look into the condition of your shoes. Regular cleaning can extend their life by even a few more seasons. Importantly, by choosing the cleaning service at woshwosh instead of washing them in a washing machine, you can reduce the related carbon footprint by a staggering 93%! A washing machine uses between 35 and 50 litres of water to clean footwear. Worse still, shoes release microfibers with each wash, which contributes to water and ocean pollution (microfibres account for as much as 35% of all pollution!). Washing shoes in a washing machine can also damage them and cause them to come apart, tear and lose colour. Protect the environment and your shoes and clean them at woshwosh instead of the washing machine!
Allegro Lokalnie teamed up with woshwosh to prepare a special spring offer for its customers, which will run from 7 to 31 March. Buy an item or post two ads in the footwear category in that period to receive a 25% discount on professional shoe cleaning service at woshwosh. Another aim of the partnership between woshwosh and Allegro Lokalnie is to educate customers about proper shoe care so they can wear them as long as possible. For more information, visit: https://allegro.pl/lokalnie/promocje#woshwosh
woshwosh is Europe’s first circular footwear company founded out of love for footwear and the need to promote the idea of zero waste. The company has been around since 2015 and has already given more than 450,000 pairs of shoes a new life.  At woshwosh, you can clean, repair and renovate your shoes, giving them a second life. Not only is this good for the environment but it also saves you money.