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Look no further and don’t give up on your plans thanks to the Best Price Guarantee on Allegro

Consumers don’t have to compare prices of their dream offers or give up on their plans. In its latest advertising campaign, Allegro promotes the Best Price Guarantee, a campaign which ensures that the prices of hundreds thousand offers on the platform are lower than in other selected online stores.

The product price plays an increasingly important role. As shown by Allegro data1, a vast majority of consumers (82%) claim that they have recently changed their shopping habits, with more than half (54%) putting off any major purchases. Allegro’s new campaign shows that its customers don’t have to give up on their plans and what matters to them the most because they can count on Allegro’s help in finding their dream product at the best price.
Making childhood dreams come true, seeing loved ones and spending time with a beloved pet? These are the things the characters in Allegro’s campaign video don’t have to renounce. “Their biggest store” has them covered, offering a wide range of products at the best price. Named the most feel-good song of all time by 2,000 British listeners, the campaign uses “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen as its theme song. The hit reinforces the positive message of the ad and is meant to inspire the viewers to follow through with their plans.
The video was directed by Kuba Michalczuk while the creative concept was created by Ogilvy. The videos were produced by MOON Films and post-produced by Televisor.
The campaign will be provided with wide support, with a 30-second main ad and a series of 15-second ads featuring campaign characters that will air on TV between 11 April and 18 June. The campaign will also run on the radio, in cinemas, as well as on VOD platforms, digital channels and social media, including TikTok. Media buying was handled by Starcom and Allegro’s in-house team.
How exactly does the Best Price Guarantee work? 
From now on, buyers who choose a product labelled Best Price Guarantee on Allegro no longer need to compare offers and their prices in selected stores, as Allegro will do it for them. Every day, the platform compares the prices of hundreds of thousands of offers in dozens of the most popular online stores to give its customers the confidence they will find them at the best price on Allegro. If the buyer finds a cheaper offer in one of online stores named in the terms & conditions and reports it to Allegro within 72 hours of the purchase of the product on Allegro, the platform will match the price by offering a coupon redeemable on Allegro. The maximum refund value during the campaign is as much as PLN 200 monthly! Click this link to read the full terms & conditions.

1 A survey conducted on behalf of Allegro by Mind & Roses in August 2022 (a year-on-year comparison of consumer behaviour, 2022 vs. 2021). A survey conducted on a sample of 1,568 people.

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