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Cheap, cheaper, cheapest, or how consumers look for savings
  • According to a report prepared for Allegro, comparing prices to choose the best bargain is the most common saving method for 65% of the respondents.
  • Consumers usually cut spending on entertainment (64%), electronics and more expensive products (58%), as well as travel and leisure (56%).
  • People who compare product prices usually check them online (70%). As part of the Best Price Guarantee campaign, Allegro compares prices in dozens of the most popular online stores for you to ensure that they are the lowest on the platform.
Saving requires a proper strategy. There are as many ways as there are consumers, although some are more popular than others. An SW Research report for Allegro shows that 77% of the respondents currently plan their budget more carefully, and 61% spend more time looking for bargains than a year before1. The most common method to save when shopping online is to compare prices and choose the lowest one (65%). Nearly one in two people occasionally benefits from special offers (45%) or searches for good bargains and buys products in larger quantities (45%).  

Consumers want the best price guarantee

Since we know that price comparison is the most common saving strategy, it’s time to give it a closer look. According to the report, more than half of the respondents report they compare prices more often than they used to and therefore spend more time looking for the best offer when shopping online. It’s worth noting that 7 in 10 respondents check prices online, nearly half use price comparison engines and more than a third compare prices directly in brick-and-mortar stores.
When do consumers compare prices? More than half of consumers do it when the product is expensive, and 47% while making sure the deal they’re considering is the cheapest option available. Meeting consumer expectations, Allegro’s Best Price Guarantee badge eliminates the need to spend time comparing offers in other stores, as the e-commerce leader does it for you. As shown by Allegro data, as many as 85% of consumers pay attention to special badges.
The Best Price Guarantee applies to products starting at PLN 15 with an estimated delivery time of up to 72 hours. Importantly, Allegro cares about its customers’ shopping experience, which is why it has recently changed the terms of reimbursement under this special offer. Customers are eligible for a refund equivalent to the price difference plus as much as 50% if they find a cheaper offer among the stores listed in the terms & conditions of the offer and report it to Allegro within 72 hours of purchasing a product on the platform2. The maximum refund value during a single edition of the special offer is PLN 200 in coupons redeemable on Allegro. 

Deals and other bargains wanted

Another popular saving method among respondents is special deals and bargains. As many as 88% named them as factors that facilitate an online purchase. This is also the most important factor behind a purchase for 35% of the respondents. They mainly search for information on deals in online newsletters (48%), apps with deals and coupons (46%) and social media (41%).
However, it’s not just about deals and bargains. Nearly equally important are reviews from other users (82%), which is the most important consideration for 22%. Consumers are also more careful about spending than they were a year before. This was reported by 86% of the respondents while 76% said they had recently cut spending. They now spend less on entertainment (64%), electronics and more expensive items (58%), as well as travel and leisure (56%).
The report clearly shows that Poles are becoming more conscious of their expenses and actively looking for ways to make economies. Consumers want to make sure they spend their money wisely, choosing the best bargains available.

1 The survey entitled “Shopping preferences online” was conducted by SW Research for Allegro. 1,015 questionnaires were administered to a sample of Polish online shoppers using the computer-assisted web interviewing (CAWI) technique. The survey was conducted on 16–22 June 2023.

2 The value of the coupon is equivalent to the difference between the gross price of the product purchased on Allegro under the Special Offer with the “Best Price Guarantee” badge and the gross price of an identical product available in an online store plus 50%.