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If fast and reliable delivery, then One by Allegro. Allegro unifies delivery services across markets and launches its automated parcel machines in Czechia
  • WE|DO by Allegro, the popular and reliable delivery service, becomes One by Allegro.
  • The company is now unified in name and identity across Allegro’s 3 markets which brings a stronger value proposition for customers and merchants.
  • The rebranding goes hand in hand with the launch of the One Box by Allegro product on the Czech market. Already more than 140 boxes are in place with a possibility to collect the shipments at any time you need - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Allegro continues to expand its services in the Czech Republic and introduces its proprietary network of parcel boxes under the One Box by Allegro brand. The network now counts more than 140 automated parcel boxes across the Czech Republic. The company is also continuing to integrate and harmonise its services across the markets in which it operates. Thus, the logistics operator WE|DO by Allegro is gradually transforming into the One by Allegro.
The new network of parcel boxes aims to further improve the services associated with shopping on the Allegro shopping platform. Thanks to the boxes, customers can look forward to even faster and more convenient delivery of their orders. The first Allegro parcel box was installed in Prague's Smichov district, and the latest one in Prague's Dablice. More than 140 new parcel boxes will complement the existing network of boxes and parcel points where WE|DO already ships its parcels, bringing the number of locations where customers can pick up their Allegro orders in the Czech Republic to more than 3840.

For our customers, delivery to self-service boxes has consistently been one of the most popular shipping methods and their usage is steadily increasing. Launching a network of our modern boxes with a unified customer experience is a natural step for us to bring more convenience and value to our customers and further advance the quality of our services.

says Jakub Kłoczewiak, Chief Operating Officer at Allegro.

One Box parcel machines come not only with intuitive controls but also with a cutting-edge design that respects the environment of Czech cities. One Boxes are powered by electricity as a part of a connection to the traditional electricity grid. The electricity is however purchased from suppliers with certificates of origin. Allegro also equipped its automated parcel machines with air quality sensors - customers can check the measurement results online on the location map. Also not to disturb the peace of local communities Allegro precisely designates unloading places for couriers and introduces quietly opening lockers. Additionally, to reduce the electricity consumption and so we don't contribute to light smog, the lighting is activated by a motion sensor. There is also no-barrier access for disabled customers. New features will be gradually added to the product - soon, e.g.: cash on delivery payment directly via the APM terminal or the locker height selection for an easy pick up. In the case of cash on delivery shipments, at the moment, buyers can pay for the order via a payment gate accessed via a link that will be sent to them by e-mail after the package is delivered to the machine and ready for pick-up. In the future, we also plan to provide the option of paying for an order on delivery directly in the Allegro application.

WE|DO is gradually becoming One by Allegro

Starting this summer, Czech customers will be able to observe the ongoing rebranding of the logistics company WE|DO to “One by Allegro”, which will gradually unify transport services across the markets in which Allegro operates. As part of the rebranding, courier uniforms and pick-up point signage will gradually be replaced with the new logo One by Allegro.

WE|DO has delivered an impressive 8.2m parcels in the past year and has become synonymous with fast and reliable delivery of purchases both within the Allegro marketplace and from online stores that use the services of our logistics operator. The transformation of WE|DO into the new One by Allegro brand is the entry into a whole new phase for us, where we want to further push the standard of delivery and bring our customers the opportunity to choose from millions of offers across categories, with fast and convenient delivery to parcel boxes, pick up points, as well as to their home address.

describes Jakub Kłoczewiak.