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Allegro supports the victims of war in Ukraine

Within days of the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, Allegro Group has taken actions to support organizations providing humanitarian aid. The company has also involved customers, giving them several opportunities to support selected initiatives. In total, more than PLN 9.2 million has already been collected!

So far, Allegro Group has made donations worth PLN 2 million: 1 million to support the activities of the Polish Migration Forum, 700 thousand for the Ocalenie Foundation and 300 thousand for the activities of the Homo Faber Association.
The company also used its Allegro Charytatywni platform, to initiate the collection of charity "cegiełka" donations and cooperated with the Polish Center For International Aid (PCPM) in March 2022. In April, Allegro collects such donations together with the Saint Nicholas Foundation.
It is also possible to support other fundraising campaigns run by aid organizations via the Allegro Charytatywni website. Money is collected there by, among others Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM), Polish Humanitarian Action, Siepomaga Foundation, Polish Medical Mission, Saint Nicholas Foundation and Radio ZET Foundation.
Thanks to the generosity of donors, the aid organizations collected over PLN 9.2 million on, and counting.

There are several ways to get involved in helping:

Participating in NGO fundraising on Allegro Charytatywni

The sale of the "cegiełka" donations of the Saint Nicholas Foundation started in April. Customers can buy them by clicking on the "Help Ukraine" button on the Allegro main page or adding them directly to their cart while shopping on the platform. The collected funds will be used to help Ukrainian children in Poland and Ukraine now and after the war, as well as to participate in the reconstruction of the destroyed educational infrastructure.
One can also buy and bid on items listed on fundraising auction pages of other verified non-governmental organizations, as well as transfer additional sums to achieve the goal of their fundraising - the funds go directly to the account of a given organization. Currently, there are already 24 charity organizations on Allegro Charytatywni!

Listing items for sale or auction

Anyone can contribute to charity fundraising and list an item via Allegro Charytatywni - just fill out the form, choose the fundraising goal, the sale format (buy now or auction), the listing duration and the delivery method. Allegro does not charge any fees for charity listings.

Fundraising on Allegro Lokalnie platform

It is a solution for local initiatives and purposeful fundraising not exceeding PLN 5 thousand. They can also be conducted by schools, kindergartens, associations and organizations that do not deal with charity initiatives on a daily basis.

We thank all donors for their support and generosity!

All information about the current fundraising efforts is available at