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#JeszczeRaz – Allegro unveils a pioneering solution in its One Box parcel machine.

Allegro has unveiled a parcel machine with a pilot feature, #JeszczeRaz, to engage customers in building the circular economy of packaging in e-commerce. One Box by Allegro in Poznań is also fully powered by solar panels.

Delivering parcels to its own network of One Box parcel locker machines since November 2021, Allegro has just presented a prototype solution to reuse leftover shipping boxes.  

“We know that many Allegro customers would like to join environmental initiatives. One by Allegro gives them such an opportunity and encourages them to step up for our planet. Now the platform is presenting another innovative solution that enables buyers to easily and conveniently open their shipment on site and leave the leftover box in a dedicated drop box”

Jacek Powałka, Allegro

That way, Allegro is looking for solutions and addressing the challenges faced by the growing e-commerce market, i.e. inefficient use of cardboard packaging that, combined with raw material shortages, increases the costs for merchants.  

Allegro encourages customers who do not intend on reusing their cardboard box to leave it in a dedicated area next to the parcel machine so that it can go to and be reused by Allegro’s campaign partners.
A prototype machine with the #JeszczeRaz box return feature was set up in the Poznań neighbourhood of Jeżyce, and boxes will be collected and recycled by a local partner, Fundacja BetterLand. That way, everyone who brings a box to One Box by Allegro at ul. Galla Anonima in Poznań will have an opportunity to contribute to the reduction of waste and the grassroots effort to build a circular economy.

“We were very excited to be asked to participate in Allegro’s new project #JeszczeRaz. Ever since we launched our sustainable online drugstore BetterLand, we have not been using new boxes for shipments thanks to our local partners. In 2021, we established the Foundation, which not only prepares recycled boxes and padding for us but also is committed to helping other online stores do the same. The drop box Allegro is testing in Poznań enables everyone to quickly and conveniently give boxes away to be reused, making customers more aware of the challenges and involved in the grassroots effort to build a circular economy. And our store and Fundacja BetterLand guarantee that the boxes will be reused.”

Paweł Poloch, BetterLand

 Also, the parcel machine in Poznań can be fully powered by solar energy as the PV panels installed on the roof deliver 1 kV of power, enough for customers to send and collect parcels and enjoy other benefits offered by Allegro’s green lockers. Other noteworthy features include the highly popular electronics returns and air quality sensors placed on the machine. With the growing number of One Box by Allegro lockers, each of which is provided with a PM 2.5 and PM 10 sensor, more and more people across Poland can check air quality in their neighbourhoods.