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Allegro mobile apps now enable biometric verification for Allegro Pay purchases and payments
For the last few months, customers using the Allegro iOS app have been able to use biometrics to not only to confirm purchases but also verify payments with Allegro Pay. Now we are making a similar feature available to Android users as well.

Customers can use biometric verification to confirm every purchase and payment with Allegro Pay. That way, they will only need to verify their first payment using biometrics and then will no longer have to confirm their purchases with an SMS code that we send during such transactions.

Biometric verification is available with both the Buy Now and Buy and Pay options. This solution is not only convenient and fast but also secure!

All you need to do to use this solution is: 
  • have a phone running Android 11 or higher and use Allegro app v. 7.36.0 or newer; alternatively, have a phone running iOS and use Allegro app v. 6.16.0 or newer 
  • enable biometric verification in your device settings
  • enable this option in your Allegro account settings in the app (My Allegro > Account > Safety)
Importantly, biometric traits are verified on the user’s device, which does not share customer biometric data with Allegro, and the platform does not store them.

This is another convenient solution for Android users using the app, with Android users of the Allegro app now also being able to use biometrics to log in. They simply need to use fingerprint or facial recognition.