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Fulfillment by Allegro is now available to everyone. It will also assist sellers in expanding into the Czech market.

Starting from October 9th, Allegro is introducing a significant improvement for sellers. Every seller can now join the fulfillment service without the need for an individual invitation from an Allegro business manager. The platform is moving away from the invitation-only format and replacing it with a quick registration on the allegroonefulfillment.pl website.

One Fulfillment is a solution that is gaining increasing interest among sellers. Allegro comprehensively handles logistics related to online sales, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on growing their businesses. Now, by introducing a new registration model, Allegro enables nearly every seller to use this service.

One Fulfillment also supports the development of entrepreneurs in the Czech market. 

The One Fulfillment service also aids sellers in reaching buyers in foreign markets, which is crucial in the context of Allegro's current expansion strategy in the Central and Eastern European region. Allegro is inviting Polish entrepreneurs to seize the opportunity to expand into new markets. Research conducted by the platform shows that nearly 3/4 of sellers on allegro.pl are interested in exporting to the Czech Republic. Logistics becomes a key aspect, and to better support sellers, the platform has streamlined the process of joining the tailored-to-Allegro requirements logistics service, One Fulfillment. This service is the perfect solution for those who want to start selling on the recently launched allegro.cz platform without worrying about additional warehouse space, international carrier agreements, handling foreign returns, and responding to inquiries from Czech buyers. One Fulfillment by Allegro also promises fast delivery to the Czech market, with customers receiving their shipments within 3 days of purchase. Additionally, thanks to extensive logistics operations, One Fulfillment can offer sellers attractive rates for warehousing and order processing.
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How to Get Started

Sellers who want to check the terms or join the One Fulfillment service can find all the information on the allegroonefulfillment.pl website, where they can begin creating a new account. Companies that already have an account on Allegro can take advantage of the "quick registration," and the entire process will only take a few minutes. It's worth noting that to use the One Fulfillment service, you must be an active VAT taxpayer in Poland. This is a fundamental requirement according to the service regulations.