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Valentine’s Day at the stroke of noon – a glimpse into Poles’ love life via Allegro

Valentine’s Day 2024 falls on Wednesday, which is exactly when customers make the most purchases in the “Erotic Gadgets & Accessories” category. While vibrators, stimulators, and rings are especially in demand, the range of erotic gadgets on Allegro doesn’t end there, with more than 4.6 million listings. Read more to find out what users search for the most on Valentine’s Day and beyond...

14 February is more than a date of romantic dinners or cinema outings. Neither is it just about chocolates and flowers. As shown by Allegro sales data, early February, alongside the pre-Christmas period, marks the hottest season for buying erotic accessories. While these special moments of the year come with noticeable spikes in the number of transactions, they aren’t just one-offs, as the category becomes increasingly popular, with the number of both purchases and buyers themselves on the rise. This year, Valentine’s Day coincides with the week’s peak for purchases in this segment on Allegro, as Wednesdays happen to see the most activity in the “Erotica” category.

The pandemic has changed our preferences in the “Erotica” category

Let’s start at the beginning: numbers clearly show that the period of lockdown has changed the sexual needs of Poles. Compared to 2019, the pandemic was a time when Poles were more likely to view listings for erotic accessories and gadgets such as massagers, butterflies, and love dolls.
Interestingly, the upward trend has continued ever since, as more and more consumers stock up on condoms and lubricants, with guarana and strawberry among their favourites, along with no-flavour variants. Another product that has gained traction over the years is erotic perfume, which last year saw its sales jump nearly a third from the year before.

What ignites our imagination...

It comes as no surprise that users looking for products in the “Erotica” category usually type in “erotic gadgets” in the search bar. For more specific preferences, customers use search terms such as “vibrator”, “dildo”, “erotic” or “sex”. Women usually opt for classics in their category, i.e. vibrators and penguins. Other popular search phrases include “bodystocking”, “massagers”, or “sex games”. 
Also, we are becoming more adventurous when it comes to erotic lingerie and clothing, with Allegro users choosing bold costumes, sets, and uniforms. They also go for cut-out lingerie and bodystockings. Erotic underwear for men is also gaining popularity.

Polish sex demographics

As shown by Allegro statistics, most purchases in this category are made in Mazovian, Silesian, and Greater Poland provinces. As for individual cities, most erotic accessories and gadgets are ordered in Warsaw, Kraków, and Wrocław. The primary demographic in this segment is people aged 25 to 34, of whom the most active consumers are men.
Interestingly, we tend to indulge in this “intimate” type of shopping in the middle of the week. It is on Wednesday when most purchases in the “Erotica” category take place. Also interesting is the fact that many orders are placed at high noon. A later, second peak statistically occurs in the evening, around 9–10 p.m.

What is Valentine’s Day like on Allegro?

Valentine’s Day on Allegro is not just about products directly associated with our sex life. Interestingly, a few days ahead of the holiday, there is a visible surge in demand for romance stories, including erotic books. As far as erotica is concerned, buyers choose established and still popular series such as the Fifty Shades series by E.L. James and books by Joanna Balicka. Last year, popular love and romance literature included young adult books, e.g. the Flawless series by Marta Łabędzka. The beginning of February also sees a significant, albeit temporary, increase in sales of adult board games, with sales in this category peaking even earlier than in the case of books. 

Valentine’s Day deals on Allegro

Looking out for everybody, Allegro has prepared special offers as part of Allegro Days on 5–7 February for those looking for Valentine’s Day presents for themselves and their significant others. Users can still buy products labelled with the “Best Price Guarantee” badge. And if you’re an Allegro SMART! member, you can hunt for bargains until 14 February; all you need to do is shake your phone with the Allegro app on it to enjoy up to 40% off on Valentine’s Day deals, including nice gifts for your loved ones such as theme socks, wallets, beauty products, and many more.