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Allegro Warehouse Surpasses 3.5 Million Products Shipped

More than a million buyers chose Allegro Warehouse for their deliveries last year alone. The service is gaining traction, especially among the platform’s most active users. Why? It saves both time and money on deliveries while significantly boosting sales for businesses that sell on Allegro. 

With Allegro Warehouse, buyers can consolidate orders from different sellers using One Fulfillment by Allegro into a single shipment, bringing savings in terms of both delivery costs and time. As shown by Allegro data, the average delivery time from Allegro Warehouse is 40% shorter than the platform average, with a remarkable 76% of orders already reaching the buyer the next day. In addition, orders placed and paid for by 10:30 a.m. nationwide and by 2:30 p.m. in Warsaw are delivered on the same day. By combining orders from multiple sellers, consumers can save on delivery costs and reach the minimum Smart! order value more easily. It’s no wonder then that Allegro Warehouse was used by more than a million buyers in the past 12 months1

One Fulfillment ⎼ Boosting Sales by up to a few tens of percent 

This end-to-end operational solution offered by Allegro also benefits merchants, as One Fulfillment by Allegro provides storage, packaging, shipping to buyers, and even post-purchase support, including returns and complaints. The Allegro team handles all customer service inquiries about payments and deliveries. Outsourcing order fulfillment helps many merchants streamline their sales processes. To date, over 1,000 businesses have used this service, shipping more than 3.5 million products to buyers. 
One Fulfillment by Allegro not only takes over logistics but also brings sellers and buyers benefits. Data show that the solution is highly rated by buyers, with an NPS of 882. Delivery time is a key factor buyers consider when shopping online. By increasing same-day shipping by just 1%, a seller can boost orders by 5–20%. Conversely, reducing it by 1% can result in a loss of 15–45% of orders, as shown by Allegro data. 

When developing our services, we always focus on the benefits for both buyers and merchants, with Allegro Warehouse being a case in point. The high NPS score indicates that the vast majority of buyers—94%—would recommend Allegro Warehouse to others. This isn’t just about recommendations and has a real impact on sales. Our data show an average sales increase of up to a few tens of percent for our largest partners using One Fulfillment3. Consolidating orders from multiple merchants into a single shipment and ensuring fast delivery saves time and money, which more and more buyers are looking for. Today, we see advanced Allegro users use this solution regularly. Following their lead can make your shopping even more beneficial.

Mateusz Długokęcki, Group International Sellers & Fulfillment Director

About One Fulfillment by Allegro 

Launched in 2022, One Fulfillment by Allegro offers storage and order fulfillment for buyers in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Shipments are dispatched on the day of purchase or within 24 hours. Merchants do not need to sign contracts with carriers, as all deliveries are handled through proven domestic and international delivery methods, including operators such as DHL, DPD, InPost, One by Allegro, One Kurier, and Packeta. In addition, One Fulfillment sellers have access to sales development and analytical tools, as well as technical and advisory support. To use the service, simply create a One Fulfillment by Allegro seller account, prepare and list offers, and send products to Allegro Warehouse. To learn more about the service, click here.

1 Data by Allegro as of 22 March 2024 for the 12 previous months

2 Data by Allegro, Net Promoter Score (NPS) April 2024 

3 Data by Allegro, increase in average sales value in April 2024 compared to April 2023 for the top sellers under One Fulfillment by Allegro. The analysis was conducted in May 2024.