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Jean Charretteur joins AMG as MALL Group's new Managing Director
Allegro will help you start a business and open a store on the platform as it launches the StartUp Asystent programme
New laptop delivered in 4,5 hours right to the doors - Allegro presents festival highlights
Smart! Week, Allegro’s great shopping festival, kicks off with discounts of up to 50%!
Mall with a refreshed logo marking advancing integration with Allegro
Allegro starts to consolidate Mall Group and WE|DO and accelerates top-line growth in Q2, as it readies for tougher economic conditions ahead
Allegro introduces Allegro Care, a new safe and easy way to insure electronic devices
Roy Perticucci launches his tenure as Allegro CEO
Shopping with Allegro: you get what you want or your money back
Press kits
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